Monday, 3 June 2013

Haven't really been doing much that would prompt me to write about, so a round up of some the 'good' things around the place.

Neverwinter Online has been a lot of fun. They have done a fair job of making a D&D style game, but it is fairly similar to Guild Wars in a lot of ways.  It is free tho, which is good... well mostly free.  Rogues are pretty awesome, so expect a nerf.

Coupla days ago I bought the Van Helsing game, to find it is Titan Quest with a new skin... which is GREAT! I love TQ and I am enjoying VH.  If you like these styles of games then you should also look up Grim Dawn and Path of Exile, both are in beta and excellent games.

Had a board games day the other day and played the following:

Glory to Rome - very good game, a little hard to get the hang of first game
Guilds of Cadwallon - really good game, easy to understand.
Locket - card game, fast and easy.
King of Tokyo - great game
Stone and Relic - small card game that was difficult to understand initially but seems quite good.

Games I have coming in are:  Forbidden Island (after seeing the GameTable video), plus a few Kickstarter games should be starting to get close to delivery times.  Speaking of KSer, I really should start checking my status on several projects as I am sure some of them are not doing well. One in particular - MORE - I am pretty sure is unlikely to show itself as a finished product, but it was only $10 so who cares.

I am getting pretty excited about the Glorantha KSer, to the point where I have dragged out my RQ 6th edition and HeroQuest rules and trying to decide which set I like most.  I probably should start a FATE RQ Glorantha game concept and throw up a G+ group for it... seems to be the rage these days.

The Traveller book is due soon, thats something I had forgotten about.  And my Ouya Box - where is that, was due by end of May? Hmmmm

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