Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I have entered the One Page Dungeon Contest -

You can download a copy from here: The Witch's Hut.

It's just a quick encounter that I thought up, but I actually quite like it... so I will be using it on my own players this weekend.

One thing I did notice, if you make something like this completely system agnostic it becomes really easy.  The hard parts are in the details.

Had a lot of people download the Underworld rules (which are free) but only two buyers so far.  Wasn't really expecting a lot with spending some effort on advertising. No feedback or comments tho either.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Well in a sudden frenzy of activity I have actually finished and published Underworld:

How exciting. Only now I live in fear of having made a mistake in it somewhere.  Sadly it is quite expensive for a card game at $69.99 but it does contain 500+ cards.

Now I can work on finishing the Print&Play version, followed by some expansion decks.  Then I can finish work on Gobbos, my next exciting game.

And the PDF is now:

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Well things are actually starting to progress, with regard to Underworld.

I loaded up all the files to and ordered a proof copy, some 500+ cards, that with postage cost me about $100. And I must admit that I am very impressed with myself.

It actually looks pretty good, especially the card backs that I did myself. There was one error, my fault, where I put the wrong back on one of the decks and didnt notice it during the proofing - doh. So the Event decks cards have the Trap deck backing. I also picked up some typing errors on 5 cards, and a few extra cards that somehow slipped in.

All this is now corrected. The last thing I need to do is go over the rules and make sure they match all the cards.

The price is a bit high - around $70, but it is 500+ cards.