Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Stack.

The Stack.

Optional rule, you will need a bunch of large d6, preferably 15mm sized.

Each time a player doesn’t like the result of the dice roll they have made they may elect to ‘go to the stack’. This will allow them to reroll one of the dice, their choice. In return for this favour the player must add another d6 to the Stack.

The Stack starts off on the middle of the table (or someplace suitable unstable). The GM puts down a single d6. When a player elects to ‘go to the stack’ they must put a new d6 on top of the existing stack. This continues until the stack falls.

When the stack falls the player must accept the roll they have, plus every character takes +1Stress.

If the stack has 6 or more dice in it the GM gains the power to send players ‘to the stack’. In which case the player must add another d6. If they succeed they may replace one of their dice rolled with a 6.

If the stack falls due to ANY reason that is clearly not the GMs fault, then the normal effect applies.

Option: if the stack gets to 12 dice it is reset and 1 Hope is gained.

Option: Put 12 various sized d6 into a cup. When a d6 is needed roll all the dice in the cup and select only those that roll a 6, repeat till one dice left. Player must use that dice to add to the stack.

Modifiable for other game systems. Credits to Dread for the original idea using a jenga tower.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Outline for a new game I am working on - Raised World

Haven't decided on a system to use, but likely Apocalypse World.

Raised World or maybe Fallen World.

Set around 200 years into the future (circa 2200).

Wealth has become concentrated in the top 5% to an unhealthy level. The world economy is dominated by corporate entities that have worked to reduce costs via the reduction of wages and conditions, as well as mass production and automation. The middle class as a social entity has been destroyed, replaced with a larger ‘working class’ that has been neutered via automation and internationalisation. Poverty and unemployment is rampant in nearly all areas of the world, but token relief programs (mass produced and automated) are offered by those ‘inpower’ to ensure starvation and disease do not get out of control. Life is still bleak for the poor.

The ‘poor’ and ‘working class’ are controlled and monitored, privacy is a right only for the ‘rich’. “Hope’ is offered in the form of ‘Lotteries’ and ‘Internships’. The Lotteries offer the dream of wealth. Internships offer the hope of improvement and social mobility, but in reality siphon off those who show talent and skill into the ‘rich’, depriving the ‘workers’ of leadership and inspiration.

The wealth of the Rich however is so great that they can use their technology and resources to continue to oppress the workers and the poor without fear of them rising up. The Rich isolate themselves in ‘country villas/estates’, ‘private enclaves’ and ‘city precincts’. All of these are walled and guarded areas, even to the point of having a ‘green barrier’ (parklands) around them for increased protection.

The working class get power for essentials and for mass media to keep them ‘entertained’. Food is provided free of charge for those who cannot provide their own, but it is a form of ‘gruel’ provided through ‘Community Centres’. The barest medical services are maintained, mostly to control outbreaks of sickness that might impinge on the Rich or work performance.

Fusion power is available and power is no longer an issue to those who can control it. The working class however still pay at a scale dating back 50 years.

The world is a stark place of luxury and bland survival.

A limited form of anti-gravity engine (AGE) is developed. This allows a bubble of anti-gravity to be created that can control the amount of gravity exerted on the bubble and its contents, the net effect of which is that the bubbles and their contents can be moved away from the surface of the earth, but NOT out of the gravity well altogether. There are some tolerance issues that cannot be overcome.  Effectively it means the bubble can lift to about a height of 500m, after which the physics become dangerous and unstable.  There is a minimum size to this bubble, around a mile in diameter, but optimal size will be around 5 miles in diameter, and a maximum size of 10 miles. Smaller and larger bubbles become unstable and require exponential power supplies.

The development of this technology was initially driven by the mining industry, giving them the ability to lift a huge amount of dirt in a semi-controlled fashion and gaining fast and easy access to resources below the surface via a new form of ‘open cut’ mining. Once the technology became feasible and went into proto-typing other industries jumped on the band wagon, such as entertainment/fun park enterprises, gambling casinos and eventually The Rich.

These bubbles must be maintained, requiring a fusion reactor within the bubble providing power. If the bubble fails the contents crash to the ground. For that reason everyone agreed that bubbles did not move, they remained over their craters. Not to mention that the energy required to move one laterally was enormous (the AGE only worked against gravity, not inertia). And to top it all off we will say that moving the bubble puts stress on it. Not to say that the craters were not developed by real-estate companies and sold off to those workers who could afford it, or were housed within it for ease of access to the enclave above it.

Once the technology was proven to be fail safe (as safe a fusion reactors), the Rich leapt on it. Those ‘precincts’ in cities became airborne, they were LIFTED away from the dangers of the surface world and the ‘surface people’. Rich Precincts around the world were LIFTED, in small numbers initially but then in greater numbers as it became obvious that a new class of people were being created (The Lifted). The Rich now not only controlled the vast majority of the world’s wealth but they were essentially also separated from the rest of the world’s population.


Around 20 years after the first permanent LIFTED bubble was created (mining bubbles were lifted and then DROPPED after the crater had been exploited), Skynet Adventure World, the first RIFT appeared. Apparently the Anti-gravity field caused damage to the barriers between our dimension and another dimension. With time the damage increased and the other side was able to penetrate into our world. The first RIFT was the first successful breach of the barrier by the other side… and the monsters moved in.

Once a RIFT occurs the region around the RIFT changes, the physics of the two worlds mix and overlap. This results in the anti-gravity engine failing and the disc DROPPING (suddenly).  

The RIFT happens out to about 10 times the radius of the bubble, so a 1 mile bubble will have a 10 mile diameter RIFT zone. Within the RIFT zone a fog appears, covering the entire area in a heavy fog like vapour that is dangerous for humans over extended periods of exposure. The fog has a reddish tinge to it, combined with the fogs reduction of sunlight this causes a unsettling blood colour to blanket the area. It also has a subtle bitter, metallic taste.

Then the monsters move in. The monsters appear as a thick vapour, difficult to see within the fog, but those trained to spot them can. This ‘natural’ form of the aliens, a vapourous form, makes them mostly immune to normal weapons, but new means have been discovered as will be explained later.

The alien will move to possess (as in a spirit) any non-living material that, including vehicles, buildings, the ground or dead bodies. Once the creature has possessed the item it will control it, animate it.  Eg a car or bus will move as it controlled by a driver and having a working engine. A building will be haunted and the creature will have poltergeist like powers. A body will become a zombie.

The creatures will then begin to customise their ‘body’, to whatever macabre self image it may have.

The creatures are very good with metals, being able to radically change their forms, and quickly.

Once the Rifts started it was eventually realised what was happening and all anti-gravity engines were required to DROP, but the ‘Rich’ had other ideas.  Instead of abandoning their positions of invulnerability they developed an alternative, the RAISED PLATFORM.  Using materials developed for the Space Escalator (carbon buckyballs), they constructed platforms that would carry the weight of their domains at a height of 200-300 meters above the crater they came from. This took time of course and in that time more and more RIFTS began appearing and discs DROPPING.

But converting to a RAISED city didn’t stop the RIFTs, once they began they started appearing everywhere that an anti-gravity machine had been turned on. The world economy crashed. Panic. Disaster.

The world the players will exist in is post apocalyptic for most purposes. The world economy is mostly destroyed. International and intercontinental infrastructure is mostly disrupted. Air travel is almost gone as most of the worlds major airports are within Rifts. Even sea travel has some issues as ‘Lifts’ were done over some ocean areas for mining. Most of the Lowlands of Holland and the Netherlands are one huge Rift as they had raised the land and then re-settle it at a higher level.

Several hundred major cities or Corporate Estates, (the rich ones who could ‘Lift’ themselves first, and thus ‘Dropped’ first) have crashed back to earth catastrophically. The remainder of the ‘Lifted’ cities and estates have converted to ‘Raised’ platforms, standing on pillared superstructures, or have ‘resettled’ back on the ground. Rifts have now appeared beneath, or over, nearly all of them, where-ever an AGE was turned on.

The players are elite soldiers, selected from the population for specific traits and abilities. They are trained and educated from about 12 years of age to be soldiers, within the City. Most of them are drawn from the ‘workers’, but occasionally a ‘Citizen’ is selected (although it is considered a drop in status by other Citizens). They are kept in separate enclaves, sealed off from the City proper.

You will work as part of a team of ‘Cleaners’ that are sent out into the Rift to kill aliens.

Cleaners are selected not only for their physical and mental superiority, but also for genetic traits that suggest they have, or may gain what are called ‘Rift Powers’. These are what we would call ‘pyschic powers’, but nearly all of them have manifested since the arrival of the Rifts. Continued exposure to the Rift results in the accumulation of Rift Radiation that causes mutations within the human body. Some of these changes are good, and some of them are bad, a lot of them are both.

Their ROLES:

Players will be formed into TEAMS by their sponsor city, equipped, trained, indoctrinated and sent out on missions to collect MIASMA (alien remains). Amongst other things.


The game will have several social statements: Radicalised distribution of wealth, Thoughtless use of technology for the benefit of the Few, Oppression by a godlike minority over the mass of humanity, The Struggle for freedom, Sarcastic commentary on Capitalism via a Corporate Structure, Bigotry and Prejudice and Racism on an economic basis.

Many of the cities will be Corporate, either built and owned by a mega-corp, or populated by people who got where they are via the Corporate System and believe it is the Answer.  The players will be assigned a Commander from the Corporation, who will control their missions and assets and review their performance. There will be many teams, and the corporate system will have them compete against each other to ensure ‘performance’. Thier Commanders will be on Performance Pay and will run their team as a business, ruthlessly. They will conduct ‘performance reviews’ of each member.

Never refer to them by name - they are servants or workers, ‘cleaners’.
Remain safe from them at all times - disarmed and protected by robotic weapons.
Demean them all the time. ‘You can do better’.
Remind them they are here only because of the Company/Corporation.

His supervisor will be The Director - who is also the GM.

Players will be from ‘The Workers’ mostly, selected for their optimal parameters. The Rich will consider them only slightly better than the rest of the surface dwellers.

Inspirational art:

Terms and Labels.

AGE: Anti-gravity engine.
RIFT: dimensional breach between the alien dimension and our own.
CRATER: the hole left when an area of land is LIFTED.
LIFT: the term used to describe the action of lifting a section of land using the AGE.
RAISED: a section of land/city that has been LIFTED, then dropped back down onto a platform construction to keep the LIFTED object above the ground. Most RAISED platforms are 200-300m tall.
DROPPED: when an AGE fails the land drops back down into its crater, catastrophically.
FOG: general term for the RIFT fog, as opposed to natural fog. RIFT fog is acidic and has a yellow-green colour. It will incapacitate a human breathing it in about an hour, killing them in about 2 hours. Very unpleasant and painful death. It will also start burning the exposed skin in about 24 hours, and will incapacitate and kill after about 4 days.

CLEANERS: a term used by City people to describe a player team.
SOLDIER: more formal and technically accurate name for players.
GRENADIER: soldier trained in heavy weapons.
FUSILIER: soldier trained in guns.
SAPPER: soldier trained in explosives
CARBONIER: soldier trained in melee ‘carbon’ weapons.
VOLTIGEUR: soldier trained in electrical weapons.
CAPITAINE: soldier rank, highest.
LIEUTENANT: soldier rank.
SOUS LIEUTENANT: soldier rank.
ADJUTANT-CHEF: soldier rank.
SERGENT: soldier rank.
CAPORAL: soldier rank.
SOLDAT: starting soldier's rank.
COMMANDER: Players immediate superior, a Citizen of the City.
CITIZEN: someone who lives in the Raised City and belongs to the social/corporate elite.
CORPORATION: the owner/controller of the Raised City. This may actually be a corporation or a socienty that has adopted a corporate style social system as the best way to manage their situation.

The following is a list of insulting words that Citizens might use in reference to those who live on the surface, and who are not Citizens, including the players.
Downers, Blues, Plebs, Muck, Sleepers, Sweepers, Workers, Freaks, Scavs, Scars, Trash, Maggots, Darkies (those living in the darkness of the crater), Pales, Slaves, Plebs.
There are more derogatory words that could be used, you must recall that the Citizens consider themselves a higher form of life to those living on the surface, and have maintained that belief for over 100 years. Citizens are by nature bigots, racists and completely prejudiced about those they see as little more than menial labour or animals. Part of the intent of the game is to show this vast disparity between those who can oppress due to economic advantage and those who are oppressed, through simple fault of their birth.

ALIENS: the monsters that have come through the RIFT. Aliens are in two forms, natural or possessed. Natural form is a thick fog like form. Possessed form depends on the object possessed (the host).
RADIATION: for this game radiation is about alien radiation, which can cause mutations, good and bad.
PENETRATED: when an alien in natural form passes through a human being.
HIVE: some aliens construct portals that allow other aliens to pass through, creating a dense population of aliens in a small area. Normally aliens are solitary.
MIASMA: a goo or protoplasmic substance left when an alien in its natural form dies.  It has advanced medicinal properties, in particular anagathics.

ORGANISED CARBON: a label referring to various atomically organised forms of carbon, such as diamonds, graphene and fullerenes
A fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. Spherical fullerenes are also called buckyballs, and they resemble the balls used in football (soccer). Cylindrical ones are called carbon nanotubes or buckytubes. Fullerenes are similar in structure to graphite, which is composed of stacked graphene sheets of linked hexagonal rings; but they may also contain pentagonal (or sometimes heptagonal) rings.
Most ‘organised carbons’ are antithetical to aliens and cause their natural physical forms to break down catastrophically, ie kills them.  Speculation is that organised carbons do not exist in the aliens dimension and are severely toxic when they make contact. Soldiers will use bullets, swords etc made of organised carbon. They are not overly effective on humans or natural materials compared to steel, but they are very effective against the natural form of aliens. Normal bullets, or weapons, have very little effect on the natural form (fog) of the aliens.

ELECTRICITY: Aliens are vulnerable to the effects of electricity (EMP effects or current), which seems to disrupt their ability to remain in our dimension. The aliens avoid electrical fields, even weak ones, if they are at all able to. Electricity can be used to drive aliens from their host structures, which in turn allows them to be attacked with carbon in their natural forms. Continued use of electricity results in the collapse of the field keeping the aliens in our world, and they vanish back into their own. This is considered a poor result by your superiors who favour the collection of Miasma.

Cleaners will be equipped with various EMP or voltage generating weapons to allow them to apply electricity to the alien within their host (the localised region of the host where the alien is currently formed). Most electrical weapons have limited range and quite variable results, plus you have to monitor the amount of damage you inflict to try to prevent ‘escape’.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Am I overly sensitive, overly simple or overly selfish?

I decided to try an online game with people I did not know recently. It was using The One Ring game system, which looked pretty good on paper.

As I have experienced before the number of people that actually show up was about 50% after the second session, and then the game stopped. I haven't returned to pursue it because the more I thought about the game to more it occurred to me that I probably should drop it as I was thinking about its problems too much.

So what were its problems? Not overly much really, which is why I wondering if the problem is me.

First up, the game is LOTR, bleeding obviously.  I love the books, the movies etc etc. The GM however was a serious aficionado and opened the session with a quiz on whether I could identify the names of some the characters. He then got us to expand on our depth of LOTR knowledge. By now I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

He then went on to give what was a disturbingly patronising introduction to the game and the genre, even after I gave a bit of a bio and said I had been playing rpg's since 1974.  IE I am experienced in the concept, if not the detailed mechanics of this specific game.  I think he was working from a script to some degree, and I let it go as nerves, plus I wasn't the only one there, maybe one of the others needed a spiele.

He then went over the pre-gen characters in detail... too much detail about who they were and where they fitted into the LOTR encyclopedia. Yet another quiz on names.

So the first session was cut short as one player had to leave early, so we didn't get very far. With the second session there were only 2 of us present so that caused a problem.

So the two of us have spotted some orcs looting near the lake, we go to investigate. We get close and my partner, a beorning, makes a comment about simply attacking. The GM snaps back "That would be stupid."

Now I can't believe that this one simple comment has stuck with me so much. "Stupid". Really? For some reason I just found the word and the tone so totally offensive, and it wasn't about me, it was about the other player. I just can't let go of the memory, hence this purgative attempt to write it down and look at it somewhat more dis-passionately.

a. GM's should NEVER say strong depreciative words like this to their players unless they know each other really well. When my close friends call me a moron I don't get offended because I know they don't literally mean it, but I know that from exposure and an accepted dictionary. When someone I dont know at all calls me stupid, the word holds a totally different context and level of strength. We don't have a common dictionary yet and I naturally assume that the words usage is accurate and genuine - ie he really thinks I am stupid.  Combine with the patronising introduction, and the growing sense that this is more a opportunity for him to tout his depth of knowledge in the subject matter, and I have a serious issue.

b. A players character's actions are rarely "stupid", they can be ill-informed, they can be based on poor information, they can be a really poor call, they can be a mistake. Players only do things that the GM provides scope for.  Players do not get their characters to act stupid, with some rare roleplaying exceptions, because generally players are trying to WIN, and the last thing they want to do is stupid things.

When he said that line I think it was due to the fact that he knew the orc was really powerful and we would get slaughtered. So with his GM knowledge it was probably stupid... but that happens all the time, you don't vocalise that to your players.  Plus if you present that option to your players and they take it up, who is the stupid person?

In roleplaying we are all stupid together, so if a GM calls one of his players stupid they are really meaning that they are running a really stupid game.  Its a co-operative medium.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Storium, experimenting for new media

Well I missed the KSer for this but found their site through someones post. I thought it looked interesting and for $40 a year I felt I could try it and see how it goes.

Well, its great. Which is quite surprising.

I sent an email out to a wide group of people as I didn't expect a big take up, and I was right. I had to follow that up with some high pressure selling to a few people, but in the end I have 8 players, which is great if possibly a couple too many.  I think the ideal figure is 6, but an extra 2 doesnt seem to be too hard to handle so far.

So part of the reason I wanted to use Storium was to use my 'world' - Sarmarkand, as a background. This was going to be great as it allowed me to use a lot of pre-generated stuff and it would hopefully generate new content that I could use.  Another advantage is that I would give them an intro bunch of information and then feed them more details as we went along. This would allow me to judge how good the stuff was, plus cast an external eye over it in case there were problems.

So the first act, first scene is all the players waking up on an airship after an event that killed most of the rest of the ships complement, and then working out what to do. They had tasks to re-inflate the balloon, repair the ship, defeat some shadow spiders etc etc.

So far we are upto scene 3 and from feedback it seems most people are really enjoying it. In particular they are enjoying the non-face to face element, the time to think, and the freedom of the narrative process that Storium uses.

My greatest satisfaction comes from getting my girlfriend to play, and enjoy herself. She is a total-non-gamer, but the points I stated above, plus my most persuasive performance, got her into the game and really enjoying the creative writing element it allows her. I have had to guide her over the mechanical process of the game, but the narrative aspects of the story writing have been all hers.  I keep telling her it is NOT a game, but a story.

There are some issues with the system however, it is after all only a gamma version. There need to be a few extra options included in the game. One I think it really needs is story events (obstacles) triggered by players who have narrative control of the end of a scene.  In our game we have agreed to do this by allowing the players to put an aside comment in [text] brackets. This will be a suggestion to the Narrator, who can then elect to insert extra obstacles, or guides the opening or direction of the next scene.

You also have to be sure to set your players expectations properly, this is NOT a game.  At the beginning I put out a lot of asset pickups for the players because I come from a crunchy mechanistic reward based back ground. So seeing all that loot some of the rpg players grabbed some quickly, where-as, in retrospect some of it wasn't needed, and some of the players needed to adjust their attitude.

I have been trying to drum into everyone that they should always be "adding, enhancing, extending the moves already made". Take your time, don't try to solve the obstacle all at once by doing a big dump of cards, allow everyone to participate. This seems to be getting through now.

If you have people who have been reluctant to try a roleplaying game I totally recommend you try to convince them to use Storium. Take your time, guide them, but let them find their own story and they will probably get into it.

Following is an extract of Scene 2, which I thought was pretty good.


Nieve (Ambrose01) moved 
Shadow Spiders
Magic Words
Nieve, still smarting at being ridiculed by his fellow Mage, decides to help the others by casting a powerful spell with an aura that burns away the Darkness and Shadows and all things that dwell within. The engine room resounds with alien squealing as Dark Things shrivel within the powerful magical light. Dark charred corpses litter the floor and Nieve is smug with the knowledge that he did this all by himself.
Then realisation, he did NOT kill them all as spidery shadows come crawling out of hidden places.
Nieve exclaims, “ Spiders! Fuck I hate spiders! Eek!”
Nieve picked up the card  Goal Fear of Spiders
Nieve picked up the card  Asset Pistol

Pierre (AliJH) moved 
Shadow Spiders
Quite Inventive
Canister of BlauGas
Thinking quickly Pierre drops the lantern and uses the aftermath of Nieve’s spellcasting to dart forward and retrieve a canister of blaugas. “I’ve just the thing he mutters” as he fishes out a small handheld pump he keeps about his person for ship maintenance and jerry rigs it to draw from the canister. Smiling to himself with grim satisfaction he lights a piece of wooden debris from the lantern to act as ignition and attacks the nearest spiders, surely setting everything in sight alight could only cause delight.
Pierre picked up the card  Asset Canister of BlauGas

Nazdeen (Nazdeen) moved 
Shadow Spiders
Magi Spell Powers
Elemental mastery
Nieve’s revealing incantation, allows Nazdeen to take in the way forward and the creatures that have claimed it.
Wooden furniture loosened by the crash litters the way but her magical sences sees the resonance within the wood’s structure.
In a quiet singing voice that talks to the wood’s essence, Nazdeen sings to the wood close to the spiders. Next, in an explodsion of small splinters the spiders are enveloped in a cloud of deadly wooden missiles.
Hugo "Icepick" Jenkins

Hugo "Icepick" Jenkins (you) moved   Edit
Navigate the cargo deck
Give me the open skies
weak outcomeflynnkd (you) won control of the story by completing this challenge with a weak outcome.
Hugo starts down the steep stairway just as the light blasts out, blinding him. He stagers and trips, lurches forward and downward. Suddenly the feeling of naked fire washes over him, his native instincts, primed by memories of his crew burning and dying, he reels away, trips over a pile of loose rope, stagers, falls, crawls and collapses to the deck, lying in the midst of a bunch of somewhat bemused, dog sized, slavering spiders. But he can see the doorway to the engine room ahead. He lifts a shaking hand and heroically points his finger.
The narrator continued the scene 

scene continuation
Wooden ships and confined spaces don’t mix with open flames.

Nieve (Ambrose01) moved 
Shadow Spiders
Magi Spell Powers
“Screw the ship - those spiders are big as horses!”
Drawing from his inner reserves of magic (—although completely out of courage) Nieve draws a deep deep breath and air is drawn like a gale out of the engine room to deprive the spiders of valuable air to breath and fires to flicker out of existence with no valuable oxygen to sustain them.
……….. hang on. Don’t people need to breath?
When the spell ends air rushes in from the deck.
Nieve picked up the card  Asset Cannister of Abyss Ash

Nazdeen (Nazdeen) moved 
Student of Nature
Following up on Nieve’s idea of depriving the fire of air which seemed to have some affect, Nadzeen’s song of magic changes tempo to a breathy whistling. The air rushing back in from the deck forms a whirling barrier around the fire instead of rushing back in to breath new life to the dying flames.
Nazdeen picked up the card  Asset A bag of silver
Nazdeen picked up the card  Asset Bag of exotic spices
Hugo "Icepick" Jenkins

Hugo "Icepick" Jenkins (you) moved   Edit
strong outcomeflynnkd (you) won control of the story by completing this challenge with a strong outcome.
The air goes out, the air goes in, the air shakes itself all about. in the mean time Hugo, deprived of air, unable to see clearly, surrounded by fire and slavering dog sized spiders, blacks out and stops worrying about the bomb.

Marziq (Maree) moved 
Shadow Spiders
Fast and furious
Marziq draws her dagger and throws it spinning in the air, clutching with her teeth when it descends, while also drawing her rapier. She grabs a hanging rope which allows her to swing over the top of the closest spiders, safely landing close to Hugo, then lashes out with blades furiously cutting into the shadowy forms. A single drop of spider blood falls on her Crimson lace cuff and leaves no blemish.

Marziq (Maree) moved 
Shadow Spiders
A fine sword
strong outcomeMaree won control of the story by completing this challenge with a strong outcome.
All but one are dead. The one remaining is the biggest and and nastiest. She draws her pistol, aims between its many eyes, and fires the single shot. The recoil of the pistol makes her slip on a pool of Hugo’s blood that seeps slowly across the decks. The spider, seeing her weakness, leaps forward to slay her, only to fall onto her upheld rapier and skewers its body. She sighs, glad she wore crimson today and not white, as blood flows down her sword and over her hand.
At last the way to the Engine Room is open…

Nazdeen (Nazdeen) moved 
Nadzeen smiles at the decisive actions of Marziq (we need a +/- or like/not-like button to give a player reaction to other character actions ).

Pierre (AliJH) moved 
The Engine Room
Airship Crewman
Just as Pierre managed to get the lantern relit he hears Marziq’s shot ring out and views the carnage below decks with a new found respect for this human warrior, she is clearly not one to cross, at least not openly.
Stepping his way over BBQ’d spider remains Pierre enters the engine room and gets to work inspecting the engine thankfully it is mostly intact just requiring a tune up here and there.
‘Oi you lot, this will take a little while start looking, there should be a few canisters of liftgas somewhere’
Hugo "Icepick" Jenkins

Hugo "Icepick" Jenkins (you) moved   Edit
The Engine Room
Hugo awakens to the sight of Marziq tending to his wounds. He flexes his various limbs to check that none are broken, and is re-assured. Marziq finishes wrapping a bandage, stands and helps him rise. He thanks her and surveys the carnage.
“Well it looks like you handled this very well.”
The goblins yells back instructions from the now open engine room. He says, “They are green coloured cannisters, shouldn’t be too hard to spot.”
Al Cal Hol

Al Cal Hol (banjo) moved 
The Engine Room
Keen Eyes
Looking over the side of the ship, from the deck, Al notices that, entangled in a cargo net hanging out of a hole in the side of the ship, are some green coloured canisters. Al shouts “What Ho Chaps! Take a look outside that hole in the engine room wall, it might be what you are looking for.”

Nieve (Ambrose01) moved 
The Engine Room
strong outcomeAmbrose01 won control of the story by completing this challenge with a strong outcome.
Nieve leans out through the hole in the engine room wall. Clasping the cargo net, it begins to float upwards. Now that it is easy to maneuvor, Nieve begins to load the lift gas and refill the balloon.
Let’s see you do that Nazdeen.
Nieve has self esteem issues.
The narrator ended the scene