Friday, 3 April 2015

RPG System idea, my inspired moment.

I had an inspired idea, well at least it seemed like it at the time, and may yet be.

A roleplaying system where you break the link between the player and the character and make them two resources. So you have a bunch of players, and together they create a bunch of characters, as a group effort. There is no link  between the players and any particular character, the idea being that players can grab a character and run them as they wish when it is their turn.

And they can grab the same character turn after turn. So a tank might be used 4 turns in a row, by four different players, each player running the tank character, doing what they each want to do.

The system would have abilities at levels:

Player abilities: ones that the player has and can use with any character they grab. Most costly
Player linked abilities: as above but linked to a specific character.
Character abilities: abilities only that character can use if currently in play. Least costly.

Characters that are used by a player each gain a Focus point, and Focus will cause exhaustion. So if the players try to use one character too much that character will gain too much focus and will get tired, and suffer.

On the reverse side characters that are not chosen will begin to 'Fade', they fade into the background over time and become npcs and cannot be selected by players.  When this happens the players would have to elevate another NPC, or create a new one and bring them into the game.

It all comes from movies, where you can have a character that is played by several actors, from movie to movie. And from action movies where one character might be in the camera doing lots of stuff whilst others remain in the background and occasionally come into things.

It allows the right character for the right moment to act, repeatedly if need be, but with the danger of becoming exhausted and needing a break.

Gonna work on it.

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