Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Stack.

The Stack.

Optional rule, you will need a bunch of large d6, preferably 15mm sized.

Each time a player doesn’t like the result of the dice roll they have made they may elect to ‘go to the stack’. This will allow them to reroll one of the dice, their choice. In return for this favour the player must add another d6 to the Stack.

The Stack starts off on the middle of the table (or someplace suitable unstable). The GM puts down a single d6. When a player elects to ‘go to the stack’ they must put a new d6 on top of the existing stack. This continues until the stack falls.

When the stack falls the player must accept the roll they have, plus every character takes +1Stress.

If the stack has 6 or more dice in it the GM gains the power to send players ‘to the stack’. In which case the player must add another d6. If they succeed they may replace one of their dice rolled with a 6.

If the stack falls due to ANY reason that is clearly not the GMs fault, then the normal effect applies.

Option: if the stack gets to 12 dice it is reset and 1 Hope is gained.

Option: Put 12 various sized d6 into a cup. When a d6 is needed roll all the dice in the cup and select only those that roll a 6, repeat till one dice left. Player must use that dice to add to the stack.

Modifiable for other game systems. Credits to Dread for the original idea using a jenga tower.

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