Monday, 8 October 2018

Time to move!

So G+ is a gonna. Which is a shame, I have become quite comfortable in G+ even with most of its idiosyncrasies.  The worst part now is to work out where to go next.  

Presently that would appear to be MeWe -

Not sure if that will be the place to go for gaming, but it has a few people moving there already so lets see if we can't generate momentum.

Playing lots of rpg's presently. Two weekly games: D&D5e and a Savage Worlds Weird Wars Rome. And three bi-weekly games: Pathfinder and 2x AME (Middle Earth D&D5e), one where I GM and another where I play.  

I really like the Middle Earth 5e games, the groups are trying to keep within the ME canon to a degree but the occassional DnD event will slip in now and then. Its a comfortable environment to play with and the AME classes are quite well balanced.

I am also very much enjoying the SW WW Rome game (GMing). The characters were transported from a Rippers game at 90 xp, spent 6 months acclimatizing to Rome and have now been sent off to discover what is going it. I have a massive story line planned out and they will need all that xp to survive.  Blending in SW characters with roman history has been a lot of fun.

Haven't done a lot of work with my projects however - Fallen Cities or Sarmarkand. Need to get back to them before I forget where I was up to.