Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dungeon World

Well I was meandering around looking for a new game to try and I looked at Dungeon World, but it just seemed a bit wierd.  Something in the main rule book just didnt make sense, or seemed to be missing.

Well the answer was the Dungeon World Guide. It filled in the gaps, that there is no initiative, that players drive everything, that the GM reacts to player actions and doesn't generally make actions (Moves) - although they can.  It was a light being turned on.  Which begs the question of how the main rule book got through editing and testing in its current form? In retrospect it is all obvious but in retrospect is way too late.

Anyway, now illuminated, I am very keen about the game. I tend to avoid narrative/cinematic styles but this one seems to have a really good balance. I've gathered a group of players to run a online game session using Maptools. I've started work on a DW framework for Maptools. I've worked out a new world with LOTS of blank spaces (that is a really good feature of the game). I've worked out a starting dungeon adventure.  All I need to do now is run it...

I also noticed that a new Pavis book has been released:

I'm a Glorantha freak, have been since RQ2 came out, so I leapt to buy. Only it is a little dissappointing from a first initial look thru. A lot of the art is from earlier books, although there are some nice new bits. A lot of the content is from earlier books also.  Its sort of a re-edition of the original Pavis with bits and pieces from several other sources added in.  There are new sections, and the book is written for HeroQuest, so I am expecting when I actually read it, it will have been worth buying... lets hope so.  I'll let you know.

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