Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Dungeon World game moves ahead.

I have secured a needed 4 players and I have created a Maptool campaign to support the game. You can download a copy at download section.  Its a lot simpler than the Savage Worlds campaign I did some time back, thank goodness.

The biggest problem we were having was getting everyone a working copy of Maptool. The latest Java7 bug is a major headache, even if it is easy to work around. The other problem we found was that the campaign file needed more memory than the defaults (double the default values), which only manifested itself in macro errors... probably because of all the light I am using.

Anyways things are go for Sat 26.

I havent done anything with the card game lately. Sort of burnt out and giving it a rest for now, will return to it soonish and see if the time away has given me a better prospective.

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