Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm overwhelmed and undertimed.

I have several rpg's I really like the look of, but really I don't have the time to play them all, let alone read them all. Lately it seems like I am buy/downloading/printing new games faster than I can read them.

Someone helped things along in G+ by posting their 100 indie games list, of which I had only seen about 15, so off I go looking at whole new game systems that might be interesting - Technoir and Donjon so far.

Currently I have a pile of books sitting around my bed that consists of the following:

Savage Suzerain: a multi-genre system of savage words that loads up the top end of the system (100+ xp) with new ways to continue playing - as demi-gods who can move between genres and times and worlds and realities.  With the base book I have the Dogs of Hades expansion and the Millensium Knights.  I will be getting the Noir expansion shortly.

Gumshoe: those bastids at humble bundle had a sale, so now I have Ashen Stars and Mutant City to read, and Ashen Stars is a big book.  I like the Gumshow system in theory, just not sure I am completely gestalting it.  I'm playing a Nights Black Agents game and its possible the GM for that may not be totally getting the point either, plus the game seems inherently frustrating as the vampires are so very powerful.

Fate (Core):  the Freeport Companion and the Ragnarok are out and I must say I really like the look of the Freeport adaption, other than the fact that they kept actual spell lists and didnt just do magic as an on the fly 'lets do magic' style.  As a conversion of D&D it stays a little too close to the structural limits of that game, which I dont want if I am playing Fate.  But the inspired idea of using the 6 traits as skills is awesome!

Streets of Bedlam Savage Worlds: wow~! This is an inspired rule set and use of the SW system.  I've quickly read it once but need to go back in and read it again.

Interface Zero and some Shadowrun books: I have started an IZ game, we have had our first session and it went pretty good. We are ironing out some house rules at present that I have thrown into the package. But we all liked the SR world better, so I decided to stay with that and convert it. The advantage of that is I can use the MASSIVE pile of SR books I have - including the two Renraku Arcology scenarios.  Why IZ? Because their Hacking rules work at the same time frame as the real world - problem solved.  Plus removing the mind bending illogicness (?) of the magic system and the astral plane frees my brain up a bit more.

Weird War Rome Savage Worlds: actually as little dissappointed with this book, I thought it would be more comprehensive, more of a Deadlands style book. However it has inspired me and my love of history to start work on an epic campaign using the Vesuvius explosion in 79AD as a starting point.

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