Monday, 18 November 2013

RPG Games I am reading and like.

Interface Zero 2.

Got a pdf copy of the last draft of the rules and it is a big relief.  From some of the bits that had been leaking out, or released officially, I was growing concerned that the writer was going places I didnt like. Well he got back on track and the game looks very good.

The areas I was concerned with mostly were the Hacking rules and the Cyberware rules.

The hacking rules he finally decided to keep it simple, which I think was the right choice. So hacking in IZ2 occurs at normal speeds (not accelerated like in SR). There are 3 skills - Hacking, Know(Programming) and CyberCombat - that do most of the work. He has AI and Sprite rules that could be very interesting.

Cyberware may have actually been made too simple. The only restriction is cybertrauma, based on how much cyberware you have installed, essentially a Vigour roll that grows more difficult. But you have a free range upto your current Vigour score, it only becomes an issue if you exceed it.  What this means is that chrome will be pretty common in nearly all characters. The main limitation is actually money, good cyberware is expensive.  There are no rules for damaging cyberware at this time, but there may be some in the future.  I will probably use a roll vs total cyber stress levels, but not sure yet what the roll will be based on. Using Vigour again seems self defeating, so it may simply be a d6 roll, plus wild dice.  Maybe put in an edge to increase that roll? Maybe use Agility?

Other games that I have a liking for at present and would recommend you get.

Squawk: by Seth Galbraith and Benjamin Galbraith. 2010
I dont know how I found this game but it is very good - intelligent dinosaurs in space. Players play dinosaurs with technology, from small dinosaurs to really big ones (for pcs at least). There may be a new edition coming but not sure.  Great background story and concept.

Cog Wars by Amagi Games 2006.
You play young kids, old geezers or intelligent robots (cogs) in a huge metropolis that is plagued by Masterminds (the bad guys). The city is so big that many Masterminds can exist at once, each plotting to oppress everyone. Its NOT a kids game, even thou you can play a kid, this is a serious rpg. It is about overcoming oppression, and having hope.

Sixth World Digest Edition, based on Dungeon World engine (which is Apocalypse World engine).
A translation of Shadowrun into Dungeon World.  I really like the feel of Dungeon World and I like the feel of this game. I have always liked SR but found it a cumbersome game to play.

Technoir by Jeremy Keller
Another cybertech game, but with a unique mechanic. You needs lots of dice (ala SR) so that is a positive for me. Looks very promising.

Lonely World by Taylor White (based on Apocalypse World engine).
I both love and loath this book. Its really potentially "dark", as its a survivor after the apocalypse game, but it has an awesomely good tag - something (the enemy) destroyed the world and now doesnt care about the few survivors - unless you cause trouble.  And the enemy can be anyone you fancy, from Lucifer and his demons, to space aliens, to a virus or an AI computer. There is an option for an ending - happy or not.

Pandemonio by Rafael Chandler (new version of Dread and Spite).
I just loved Dread and Spite, brilliant concepts for a game, but suffered from differences between the two books. Pandemonio joins all the old books and gives you a solid system. Its very big 500+ pages, but one of the best concepts I have read for an rpg. Buy it just to have it.

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