Monday, 19 May 2014

Card Maze.

Just a quick idea.

Card Based Maze - Savage Worlds.

Take a 54 card pack, take out the Black joker and give it to the GM. Give 4 cards to the players as their starting Hand. Set the remaining 49 cards face down in a 7x7 square. Take your player/s tokens and set them on a card where they start, turn that card face up.

Alternate player action, GM action etc.

Player Actions:
Move to a new face down card and explore. If you have more than 5 cards in your Hand you must play one of them into a vacant spot face down.
Move all players to one adjacent faceup card.
Group spread out - players may all move to any adjacent face down card or remain where they are. Turn over all cards at once and conduct one round. At the start of each new round any players not in combat may make a Notice roll to move one card.
Take up the card your are on into your Hand.

GM Actions:
Swap any two face down adjacent cards (you cant look).
Swap a card in your Hand to a face down card on the table.
If more than 5 cards are face up, turn one of them face down as long as it isnt adjacent to a player.

Card Results:

Numbered Spade - trap
Numbered Club - Trait test or suffer a Wound or Fatigue point.
Picture Card - Monster encounter.
Black Joker - The Minotaur (if the players win GM takes the card up and can replay it).
Red Joker - Take up and give to GM to allow everyone to make a VG roll to cure Wounds or Fatigue, not both, OR take into your Hand as a wildcard.

To win the players have to make a Hand of 4 of a Kind or a Straight Flush.

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