Sunday, 14 December 2014

I am more productive writing with a pen than a pc.

About a year ago I bought this really nice leather bound notebook with hand made paper sheets. It was a perfect size and weight, it just felt right in your hand. If you are a stationary junkie you will probably understand. About the same time I had a craze for cheap chinese fountain pens, I bought about 120 of them. I love writing with ink pens.

You can see what's going to happen.  I started writing notes for an idea I had into my new notebook with my new pens, and I was inspired. Since then I have completed my map (see previous post) and I am on the last page of my notebook, which is now full to the brim with ideas and notes and details of what the new map is going to be all about.  I live in fear of losing my notebook because there is no backup other than my memory... and that is poor.

Now that the map is done (except for the colour which I will add next year), and the artwork is coming to a close, I really have to sit down and write up all those notes into files... only I have writers block the instant I sit at my computer.  It's really quite frustrating. I cannot seem to be able to convert from the pen and paper mode to the computer file.

I sit there and fiddle with chapter titles, I put in some dot points, a write a paragraph and then I load a game and play that for 2-3 hours.

It really is quite annoying.

I have a two week break for christmas and I'm not going anywhere so lets hope I can actually do something with the thing.

In the meantime I have bought 3 more of those notebooks... I might start a new book with a new idea... (although the book may have changed in size since I bought mine, and the paper may be different).

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  1. For backup - scan pages - use your phone if you have to.

    For writers block - I suggest Outline function of Microsoft Word. Happy to show you.