Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The map is complete

The map is done, at least the black and white version.

There are 6 pictures still to come:

The Ice Sheet (top of the map)
San Lando - City of Pirates (an island in The Abyss)
Helles - City of Walls (nw of the Sink)
Eret Nor - The Watchtower (north of the Redlands)
The Great Glacier (far north, looking down the valley)
The Chaos Vine (middle west).

This map shows where all the pictures refer to.

Once the pictures are done my plan is to incorporate them into the map somehow to create a travel poster style image.  That will be for the new year I suspect.

In the mean time I will be writing down the background story for the world, working out how it will all work, making it attractive as a place to play in.  The world will be systemless and probably as broad in scope as possible.  So with a starting adventure I will frame the scene for the GM and players, then suggest options. The framing however will be the important path, I am a strong believer in GMs conceptualising their own stories, developing their own interpretations of events and adjusting on the fly.  Putting down hard and fast details, for me, interrupts the flow between you and your players.  I'm not good at using pre-written adventures, if it didn't come from my brain I find it difficult to improvise.

Map credit: Monkeyblood
Art credit: Jeff Brown

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