Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Oh and something exciting:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224590870/the-guide-to-glorantha

My god something NEW on Glorantha! Runequest 2 was THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE!

You might feel that I have an opinion of the best role playing game every made, and that it was RQ2.  You would not be wrong.  Only you have to tie in the fact that RQ2 came out at the peak role playing time of my life (20-25), and was played with a bunch of people who felt the same way.  Its a very sentimental opinion.

Sadly we will probably never capture those moments again, the age of wonders is past.

Hmmm, so should we have the 7 Wonders of the RPG World? Are we old enough for that now?

Let me see:

1. White box D&D, plus the 3 core expansion booklets.
2. RuneQuest 2 + Cults of Prax + Griffon Mountain + Borderlands + Trollpak + Prax (the Great Wall of Glorantha).
3. Dragonquest
4. AD&D 1e
5. The Fantasy Trip (a treasure lost in my opinion).
6. The Empire of the Petal Throne
7. Traveller

Not sure about Traveller, could put a few things in the last slot, GURPS, Chivalry & Sorcery, RoleMaster.

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