Sunday, 2 December 2012

Well we ran a playtest last night and it went pretty good. Main issue was discovery areas of the rules that were not clear about how they worked.  I also spotted some cards that had not been updated properly.  The main issues now seem to be a difficulty to recover from a bad start - one of the players took a long time to recover after loosing some equipment that meant he could not defeat monsters, the main source of equipment.  Not sure at this time how to fix that, except putting advice in the rules about what to avoid doing in the game.  He didnt have any gold either to use a Shop action. So I have increased the starting gold, and I might put in an action that simply allows you to collect gold (say 2g), so you can save up and buy some equipment.

The game is a little long if you dont drive toward winning. We played for 2-3 hours which might be a little long for a card game, have to look at stream lining some areas maybe. It certainly helps if you push players to play faster, when we did this we tended to burn through moves fairly fast and the game hummed along ok.  A more step based, detailed, action sheet might help to improve this.

The other card game I am working on is called Gobbos. It is basicly about a tribe of goblins who tunnel around the place trying to kill the other players and create an uber chieftain. You get to lay tiles on the table and make tunnels to other players that only you can use, unless the other players blow them up or convert them. There are about 10 different types of gobbos, from straight warrior gobbos to mad bombers and wizards.

No rule set for this yet, but should have it up to look at soon.

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